Know The Difference

“Come on mom. I am so excited to get our new swimming pool.” Little Max said as he and his mom headed to the swimming pool shop to buy a large swimming pool for Max and his friends. Max and his mom later that day put together that pool and Max absolutely loved it. He cherished that pool and took great care of it. As a 10 year old, the large swimming pool was equivalent to going to a amusement park or water park. Every day for the entire summer Max and his buddies spent the afternoon partying and having pool parties with his mom’s permission of course.

The days and even the summer flew passed in a blink of an eye because of the fun Max and his friends had on a daily basis. Time really was a thing of the past as it was now 8 years later and the 18 year old Max had moved away to college a few months ago. Instead, of staying on college campus he decided to buy a house that was not too far from his college. Max had saved a ton of money over the course of 8 years. He was a wise man and now it all came in handy. It was safe to say he was absolutely still in love with swimming pools but, now Max had a new favorite hobby. He enjoyed a different kind of pool called a Hot Tub. When he first heard the concept of the Hot Tub he was confused as to how it would be comfortable to be surrounded by hot water and all.

Then, he finally understood that a Hot Tub was actually like a liquid massage. The heated water and the jets that shoot streams of underwater bubbles are just as soothing as anything anyone have ever felt. When Max knew and understood that he immediately went to the Modesto hot tubs dealership which was about a hour drive and talked to the nice manager. He ended up buying a deluxe Hot Tub. The deluxe version was extra powerful which meant more relaxation time. The Hot Tub was over $200 but to Max it was really worth it.

He now owned a swimming pool and a Hot Tub. He sent pictures of the Hot Tub and the swimming pool together and sent them to his mom and she was just as proud of him as he was.